The Fashion of Frames

The Fashion of Frames

Eyeglasses give you the opportunity to enhance your look, and focus attention on your eyes. Eyewear fashions move with the times; for example, larger frames were very popular in the 70s and 80s, but smaller frames took over in the 90s. Today’s styles range from retro to innovative. Here are some of the most popular:

Aviators – Fashion designers are looking back to the 70s – and that means aviators in the classic teardrop shape are back in a big way. They’re great for everyday wear or for sunglasses.

Big, bold sunglasses for women – Speaking of the 70s, larger size, square-ish frames are a hot trend for women’s sunwear. Larger frames also give your eyes more protection from the sun.

Cat-eyes – Another classic style that has returned in a big way. There are actually a lot of variations on the cat-eye style, but all have the distinctive upswept brow line.

Translucent plastic – This type of frame is available in many styles and tints, but the boldest look of all is clear.

D-frames – Deeper frames are in. D-frames are generally almost as deep as they are wide, with a brow line that features wingtips that subtly taper out.

Tortoiseshell – A classic yet trendy look that goes with a wide range of plastic frame styles, tortoiseshell is great for both women and men.

Round – No matter the material, round frames give you a distinctive retro look.

Many of these styles are both trendy and timeless, so you’ll never be out of style. The most important style, though, is your own. Browse our extensive frame collection, and use our virtual try-on to see how our styles match yours!